Does your boss or CEO earn ridiculously more money than you?

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You bring the vote, we bring the exposure

List of Most Overpaid CEOs

Brian Duperreault
$42,755,012 American International Group867
David M. Zaslav
$42,247,984 Discovery771
Dexter Goei
$53,560,610 Altice USA1013
Dirk Van de Put
$42,442,924 Mondelez International816
Frank J. Bisignano
$102,210,396 First Data1150
Gregory B. Maffei
$67,220,132 Liberty Media1095
Hock E. Tan
$103,211,163 Broadcom913
Jeffrey L. Bewkes
$48,962,200 Time Warner989
Leslie Moonves
$68,375,015 CBS1163
Mark V. Hurd
$40,832,279 Oracle728
Michael Rapino
$70,615,760 Live Nation Entertainment1536
Ronald F. Clarke
$45,054,310 FleetCor Technologies956
Stephen Kaufer
$43,160,584 TripAdvisor912
W. Nicholas Howley
$61,023,102 TransDigm Group1054

Reviews and Rants

  • From Tim on Dirk Van de Put

    LOL. That’s actually pretty funny. “His head to face ratio is way off”. The ratio for my income:his income is also way off! :(

  • From Robert R. on Brian Duperreault

    Didn’t this company receive a $85 billion bailout…? And this guy is making $42.7M a year! This makes zero sense.

  • From Clara RanFelly on Dirk Van de Put

    This bloke makes $40M a year and can’t even afford hair. He should at least buy himself a hat; there’s way to much head there. His head to face ratio is way off.. hahaha

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Compared to Chief Executives

So even if you make $100,000/year – which is a very respectable salary – it would take you 156 years to make the same amount they make in 1 year! That’s ridiculous. The only way this income inequality is going to change is if we force their hand. Vote for them to take a pay cut!

Facts and Statistics

US Wealth Distribution in 2013

  • The top 10% of families control 76% of the total US wealth

  • Families in the 51st to the 90th percentiles held 23%

  • The bottom 50% of families only control 1% of the total US wealth

Income of US households in 2017

Less than $10,000 – 6.7%
$10,000 to 49,999 – 37.2%
$50,000 to 99,000 – 30.0%
$100,000 to 199,999 – 19.9%
Above $200,000 – 6.3%

Top CEOs make more in two days than an average employee does in an entire year. The EPI report notes that chief executive pay has risen faster than profits or the wages of college graduates over the last several decades, indicating that chief executives are earning more due to their power to set pay.

The top 1% earned 87 times more than the bottom 50% of workers in 2016, up from a 27-to-1 ratio in 1980

According to a new report on CEO pay from the Economic Policy Institute, chief executives at the 350 largest companies in the US made $15.6 million on average in 2016—271 times what the typical worker earns.

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