Dirk Van de Put

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Compensation: $42,442,924
Company: Mondelez International



Dirk van de Put (born 1959/60) is a Belgian businessman, and the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Mondelez International, since November 2017.[2][3] He also became chairman in April 2018.[1]

Van de Put worked for Coca-ColaMars IncNovartis and Groupe Danone, before becoming CEO of the Canadian frozen foods manufacturer McCain Foods in 2010.[2][3] He is a non-executive director of Mattel.[1]

In November 2017, he succeeded Irene Rosenfeld as CEO of Mondelez International.[2][3] He also became chairman in April 2018.[1]


  1. Clara RanFelly

    This bloke makes $40M a year and can’t even afford hair. He should at least buy himself a hat; there’s way to much head there. His head to face ratio is way off.. hahaha

  2. Tim

    LOL. That’s actually pretty funny. “His head to face ratio is way off”. The ratio for my income:his income is also way off! :(

  3. Anonymous

    He doesn’t look very happy..

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