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  • From Robbie on Ronald F. Clarke

    In Ron Clark I Trusted….

    I found Ron Clark to be the most intelligent leaders that I’ve ever been associated with. Taking a company from nothing to the worlds largest processor of fleet fueling. Ron was always generous with his personal by compensating top performers with Fleetcor stock. A complete game changer in life. In 39 years of professional selling I’d work for Ron again anytime.

  • From Anonymous on Dirk Van de Put

    He doesn’t look very happy..

  • From Max T. on Ronald F. Clarke

    Here’s a fun fact [NOT]: “FleetCor Technologies CEO Ronald F. Clarke’s compensation soared 79 percent in 2017. He was paid 1,517 times the median pay of the companies’ employees.” That’s insane; 1,500X+ more than the regular employee!

  • From Tim on Dirk Van de Put

    LOL. That’s actually pretty funny. “His head to face ratio is way off”. The ratio for my income:his income is also way off! :(

  • From Robert R. on Brian Duperreault

    Didn’t this company receive a $85 billion bailout…? And this guy is making $42.7M a year! This makes zero sense.

  • From Clara RanFelly on Dirk Van de Put

    This bloke makes $40M a year and can’t even afford hair. He should at least buy himself a hat; there’s way to much head there. His head to face ratio is way off.. hahaha

  • From Mike R. on Hock E. Tan

    Can I have some of this guy’s money? He seems to have plenty!

  • From Ben Weinstein on Brian Duperreault

    These guys really shouldn’t be making this amount of money!